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Seeing as most of my entires lately have been friends only anyway - and given that a lot of the others should be - I'm making the whole journal friends only. . .

Let me know if you want to be added!
And THAT'S why I've been working so hard. . .

The show last night could not have gone better - it was absolutely fantastic!  I honestly believe that no group of middle school students in their first ever musical could have done a better job.

The fact of the show winding down brought many questions and thoughts about next year. . .the most popular being "Are you doing this again?"  Most of my friends and family think I must be absolutely insane to put myself in this spot again - after all I have been nothing but stressed out and cranky for the past few weeks as our production date got closer and closer.  But here's the thing:  if I was doing this for the administrators, I would have quit a long time ago.  I'm not doing it for them, I'm not doing it for the parents, it was always for the kids.  Our middle school has very limited amounts of activities for them and I think everyone in the show wound up having a good time.  I'm not even talking about all of the kids - there are a few that I'd really like to strangle and/or smack in the face, but for those special few who work hard and give it their all, I will always be there. . .
and yet I feel like i might be dying. . .

I don't have a thermometer, but I feel really feverish and. . .odd at the same time.

I got that weak, dizzy feeling - not good. . .

The last time I felt this bad it was a bad reaction to donating blood - and i wound up passing out on my bathroom floor.

so i'm going to bed and hoping i feel better in the morning because i can't miss school this week or next week.  too much to do.

oh god - this is so bad. . .
You will have to pardon my bad pun because I've seriously had a rough day.


I had gotten an appointment with the doctor for June 6 (still would have to leave school early, but it's after Annie and my assembly and a whole bunch of other stuff), but apparently that was not good enough - because SHE called them and made them give me an appointment immediately (they had originally offered me a mid-day appointment that I didn't take because I would have had to take the whole day off - and miss rehearsal and tech set up, which I CAN'T).  They fit me in and she threw me out of the building!  I literally had gone in to ask for photocopies. . .I knew we couldn't get copies usually, but the other AP had asked for them - and I didn't realize the penalty was banishment!

So anyway, I'm not faking because after a whole bunch of tests and x-rays and an MRI (which I have to go back for), here is what they found:

I have a herniated disk. . .and a pinched nerve. . .and arthritis in my neck. . .and 3 muscles in spasm. . .and a floating patella. . .and arthritis in my knee. . .AND cartilage damage!

Never rains, but it pours. . .damn, it's time to build an ark!

There goes the money I had earmarked to get Tivo.  It sucks to be a tech geek without any money.
I have about 3.2 seconds to post, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. . .and posting is really the last thing I NEED to spend time on; I NEED to go to a doctor, but when? 

I've had chronic knee problems since junior high, when I injured my left leg twice in 2 years. . .  My knee never quite healed properly and has been giving me various degrees of problems ever since.  For the past year, however, this problem has grown progressively worse - most amounts of activity (even simple walking) causes pain and stairs might seriously kill me sometime soon.  My classroom is on the second floor and my kids have noticed since the beginning of the year that I "walk funny" on the stairs.  Since the original injury was such a long time ago, added to the fact that I have NO time, I have put off going to see the doctor. 

For the past few weeks, a new ache has been added to my list of complaints.  When my neck first started hurting, I attributed it to stress.  I ALWAYS carry my stress in my shoulders, so a little bit of tension was nothing new.  I became concerned over the fact that I couldn't really turn my head to the left, but even that was a minor inconvenience - I wince when merging in traffic, but elsewhere I just turn my body instead of just my head, avoiding the neck pain.  Most recently, however this pain has become intense and started traveling up and down my left arm.  I was almost in tears today from neck pain. 

I STILL don't have time to go to the doctor.   Apparently, this is REALLY not good though, as not one, but two of my doctor friends have told me that it sounds like I have a slipped disk and I might be causing nerve damage.  They think that I must have injured it because I was favoring my knee (and both of them reamed me out for having ignored that problem).  FANtastic.  Knowing this still does not help me clear my schedule - I *might* be able to go on Memorial Day, if a) they're open and b) there's a free appointment, but if that's a no go I can't get there until at least June 6 and more likely June 29. 

Off to pop some more painkillers. . .and to set up a permission slip for Wednesday. . .and clean up backstage. . .and grade the kids' butterfly projects. . .and oversee rehearsal. . .and find something to eat. . .and input playbill information. . .and count seats so I can print tickets. . .and print tickets. . .and burn my class's assembly presentation to a DVD. . .and 1,000 other things that are on my to-do list before "go to doctor."  
The car that I have had for less than a week is falling apart and I have to get it fixed, the stopper in my bathtub doesn't work and I can't get internet access in my new apartment. . .  I just finished writing this entry (which had more in it) but then LJ deleted it and I'm not rewriting the gory details.  Suffice it to say, I'm out of money, out of time, and out of patience with the universe playing spiteful games with my head.  If ONE thing could go smoothly, that'd be great.

Letter of Hate to VerizonCollapse )
I have not written in a while as I been just a touch busy and stressed out:

- My car died last Wednesday night so I had to have i towed to my aunt's house, where it still is. This would not have been quite as bad, but I'm moving - so I NEEDED that car! So now I'm renting for the week, while in the process of buying a new one. . .well a new-er one.

- I'm moving so right now all of my furniture and books are in my apartment, but all of my clothing is still at my parents' house. And both places are gigantic, chaotic messes.

- We're coming down to the wire for "Annie" and my SECOND Molly quit. No sooner had we picked a third then my Lilly's mother came a pulled her out of rehearsal and possibly the show altogether. (!!!) We STILL have no lights, sound equipment, costumes, or budget for any of those things. And my set director has gotten herself horrendously behind and our sets are looking iffy as well.

- One of my THIRD GRADE students was suspended yesterday for pulling a knife on a kid from another class yesterday at recess.

- My brother moved to Australia on Sunday so we had a houseful of company all weekend and I didn't get a single spare moment to address any of the things that I needed to get to.

I do have to say Happy Birthday to John and to Kari Marie and thank you to Katherine for the postcard - I don't think too many people would take time out of their vacations to send mail to a stranger's class. . .also another thank you to Dan for coming on my class trip with me. The short version: we went to Ruby Foo's in Times Square and then to Drumstruck, which was all free for the kids thanks to my fairy godmother. We had an amazing day, but I'll have to write about it some other time. . .off to work!

For under $500, I got:

  • a loveseat and slipcover
  • 2 end tables
  • 2 night tables
  • a 3-piece corner desk with a shelf
  • a kitchen shelf/storage unit
  • a kitchen table + 2 chairs

Go me!  I'm all done furniture shopping and ready to move!

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